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Linux v Windows - compare the servers... LINUX


Parallels Plesk User Control Panel
Gives you full control over many aspects of your hosting account including passwords, FTP access and, of course, email.
POP3 mailboxes
Separate password protected mailboxes for each member of your staff or family
IMAP mailboxes
Can be helpful when accessing emails using multiple devices
Email spam filtering
Unwanted emails are the current scourge of the Internet. Our spam filtering can significantly reduce the amount of junk mail you receive
Check your email at any time from any PC at http://webmail.yourdomain.co.uk
FormMail using standard Dreamhost script  
ASP support with FormMail and Redirection ASP scripts pre-installed
Active Server Pages can be a good alternative to Perl scripts. We pre-install generic
sendmail.asp and redirect.asp scripts so you can add, for example, forms and drop-down menus to your site.
V1 or V2
Server-Side Includes
Build web pages from components 'on-the-fly'
MySQL database access OPTION  
MSSQL database access   OPTION
Custom "page not found" error page  
A comprehensive review of the visitors your site is receiving
Unlimited FTP access
Update your site whenever you like using File Transfer Protocol
Unlimited SFTP access
Update your site whenever you like using Secure File Transfer Protocol
In addition to the normal www.yourdomain.co.uk you could also have, for example, sales.yourdomain.co.uk and accounts.yourdomain.co.uk
Additional sub-domains can be set- up for a one-off payment of 10.00
Unlimited technical support by email
If you have a problem or request our support team are always on hand to help. Contact us on support@astrohosts.co.uk 
Site design and management
Design your own site or visit the AstroDesign pages for details about how our design team can help you.

In addition we have a comprehensive range of advanced features which can be added on to our sites.

Advanced web hosting features
Email options
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